Work Dean Moore did in Python

A time ago I decided to learn Python and SAGE mathematics package (an open-source math tool), which is programmed in Python. So the below links are not “pure” Python, but Python mingled with SAGE.


Animated construction of the Sierpinski Triangle, made by Dean Moore
  1. An animated construction of a Sierpinski Triangle (see this link for more on Sierpinski Triangles; I also posted the code as a text file here). A version lives on the web page of the English electronic music band Minimal States — click on the image to loop back to this site.
  2. Animated construction of a hypotrochoid, source code lives at this link. SAGE has one of my animated hypotrochoids on their “feature tour” here.
  3. An animated construction of an ellipse(see this link for more on ellipses). Original source code lives here. — nearly the same as the hypotrochoid.
  4. An epicycloid, source code at this link — near the same as the hypotrochoid.
  5. sliding derivative line, source code lives at image site and this link. Step-daughter Katie tells me her calculus teacher used it in class. Similar, made the animated illustration of an inflection point here, similar code at image site and here.
  6. An animated illustration of Thale's Theorem, source code lives at image site and here.
  7. An animated illustration of the Butterfly Curve, source code lives at image site and here.
  8. A countour plot (see this link for more on countour plots). 
  9. An animated graph
  10. A spline curve used for interpolation.
  11. Graph of three-dimensional function
  12. Graph of cubic polynomial
  13. 3-D Icosahedron.

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