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I keep busy with various projects, some tech, some non-tech. A few:

  • Still do mathematics:
  • Recently digested Ian Stewart’s book on Galois Theory, a field of which I knew little. In general, a polynomial of degree five or higher with rational coefficients cannot be “solved,” that is, its zeros cannot be expressed by extracting roots, and/or performing algebra on rational numbers. There are many examples, but the polynomial p(x), where p(x) = x5 - x - 1, and the polynomial q(x) = x5 - 6x - 3 have no “solutions” via taking roots, performing algebra on rational numbers. Many can’t be solved but that doesn’t mean that plenty of 5th-order polynomials can be solved, one example, r(x) = x5 - 1 can be factored, as r(x) = (x - 1)(xxx+ x + 1), and 4th-order polynomials like s(x) = xxx2x + 1 can be “solved,” as can orders 3, 2, and 1.
  • Pieced through Joseph Liouville’s construction of a transcendental number, later typesetting, at this link.
  • After my brother Marvin started it, decided to inherit his genealogy work. On, is located here. I descend from a few interesting people … all important, even several owned slaves, but they don’t define me, now.
  • I spent near three years studying Russian in college, and over three weeks in Russia July 2009. Before leaving and while there read Maxim Gorki’s Twenty-six Men and a Girl, and translated the story after returning. Also, another short story I translated from Russian, Mikhail Zoshchenko’s ultra-short story Nervous People. Both at this link.

Mathematical field of topology: a Möbius strip

Galois Theory, a tower of subgroups


Genealogy: Winnifred Jane Ulrich, also Ullrich, my mom’s dad’s mom; her life was 17 Aug 1875 — 5 Feb 1974. Born 102 years before my wedding day (August 17, 2002!), Barely remember her; she died when I was in sixth grade. Recall her as being a bit older, than this photo.

Getting married on her birthday was not remotely my or our intent; didn’t even know her birthday, until years later. August 17 is also my mom’s birthday; of this, we were aware.

OvidMetamorphoses – great mythology!

Here Daphne chased by Apollo metamorphoses into a bay laurel tree. He clearly didn’t have her good health in mind, so, good riddance, if a bit expensive, for her.

Read this guy’s collected works a few ago – took over a year, but did it.

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