Helicopter ride, July 20, 2017

Us today, July 20, 2017, before takeoff. Left to right, Blaise, Colleen, Emma, Dean, Skylark. Skylark is an old pal, of my brother Marvin’s, lives in Wailuku, on Maui.

IMG 3552

A two-second video:

The pilot was frequently pointing out vegetation that was not Hawaiian. Hawaii has the dubious honor of being host to countless non-native pests, who crowd out native plants and animals. Countless plants aren’t native; the mosquito isn’t native, but there is no getting rid of it now.

Haleakalā. Maui’s highest point, at 10,023 feet, 3055 meters. We did not land:

IMG 3553

IMG 3555

IMG 3554

Waterfalls. All the islands, and Maui have quite a few, many flat-out inaccessible:

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