The Isaakievski Cathedral

July 9, 2009

Note I wrote, on July 10, 2009, a few links added:

… walked to the Isaakievski Cathedral and my student ID from the school got me in for eighty rubles, museum and colonnade. Would have been about 500 otherwise. Quite a view. Saint Petersburg is a construction zone. Everywhere I looked, cranes, cranes.

Fake amber4

Was also a walk, closer than the Hermitage.

Poor shot of probably fake amber. Asked the woman selling it, was the янтарь настоящий? She assured me it was настоящий. The sight of a large dead bug on the inside of one piece made it clear. Bought no amber. Rip-offs, inside a cathedral. Bottom floor.

IMG 0121

IMG 0121

IMG 0143

Saint Petersburg from the top of the Isaakievski Cathedral. Well, as high as I could get, not the absolute top.

IMG 0144

Construction, Saint Petersburg. Saw quite a few construction cranes.

IMG 0139

IMG 0140

Monument to Nicholas I, on Saint Isaac’s Square. At the time, didn’t really care, just assumed he was some Russian hero who killed quite a few people

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